Please Note: prices are being increased August 2022. Watch the site for updates.


The following policies apply to Barks Barber Shop mobile grooming service:

Barks Barber Shop will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible. However, we will never endanger the safety or well-being of our clients' pets by rushing a groom. Nor will we put ourselves at unnecessary risk by speeding to the next appointment. We will call your specified contact number to let you know of any change in our arrival time.

Your pet's safety and comfort is always our main concern. Please be sure to make us aware of any allergies, sensitivities or pre-existing medical conditions so we can avoid irritating these situations. Perfume free products are available for these scenarios. Please advise us of any prior grooming history you and your pet may not have found totally satisfactory. We want to avoid repeating any poor or unpleasant experience or situation.

Barks Barber Shop uses only the finest pet products available however you may have a special shampoo or conditioner that you prefer on your pet. Please allow us to use it to assure comfort and consistency to your pet's groom. We understand some pets are extremely sensitive to certain grooming procedures such as trimming nails or cleaning ears. It is not our intent to cause discomfort to your pet. Although these are routine procedures normally performed for the well-being of the pet, we will not continue with any grooming procedure that will cause pain or discomfort to the pet. Sometimes for the overly sensitive pet, these procedures are best left to the care of a veterinarian. We DO NOT express anal sacs and absolutely DO NOT administer tranquilizers or sedatives, this again is best left to your veterinarian.

All clients are required to have their canines shots kept current, and we reserve the right to ask for proof of vaccination.

We will NOT de-mat a pet by way of coming/brushing or pulling through mats with other de-matting tools. Excessive de-matting in this manner is a painful, time consuming and costly procedure that causes extreme discomfort to your pet and can aggravate and/or cause skin problems. Sometimes the pet is so badly matted that the hair must be completely clipped off, allowing new, healthy hair to grow. If your dog is severely matted most likely the best solution is for it to be shaved. (This can be discussed and determined at your appointment.) We do not believe that shaving a double coated breed is beneficial to the dog and could ruin a dog's coat over time. Excessive matting can be avoided with regular brushing and grooming and we will be happy to show you some brushing techniques for mat prevention.

Most pets are very well behaved, however not all of them are "angels"! We enjoy meeting and seeing the diverse personalities in all new canine friends; however for the benefit of everyone involved, Barks Barber Shop has zero tolerance for vicious or aggressive canines. For minor behavior problems a muzzle would be used and an extra time charge may be charged, depending on the severity of the behaviour and the extra grooming time it may require. For severe behaviour problems we reserve the right to refuse service to these pets.

No Show Policy:

  • As a courtesy to other clients who are waiting for an appointment, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice, for cancellations. Cancellations are to be made by phone call only. (306)717-8910.
  • When a scheduled appointment is not kept resulting in a NO SHOW, or is a LATE CANCELLATION, a credit card will be requested for any further bookings.
  • Should a cancelation call be provided by the client less than 48 hours prior, but more than 24 hours prior to the appointment a 50% fee (of the groom) will be charged, either to the next groom or if it is a second offense, to the client's credit card.
  • Should there be no call and Barks Barber Shop is unable to fill the spot, the client's credit card will be charged for the full groom as well as the mobile convenience fee.
  • We understand that things happen beyond your control. If we can fill the appointment time you will not be charged.